Another Year

Having neglected my blogging resolution, I will reboot with a rundown of 2017, not one of my favorite years.

Health, that most valuable of blessings, eluded us at times, reinforcing its importance.  Harry spent two intervals in hospital, first to have couple of stents,  and then for a frightening episode of atrial fibrillation.  The drug that regulates his erratic heart has some very nasty side effects, so we are not quite past those problems yet.  My back went out in August with three herniated discs, sidelining me completely for six weeks.   I am now recovered and  exceedingly grateful for each day I can throw a leg over a horse.

And speaking of horses, there have been some changes in our barn.  Harry has acquired a gray Quarter Horse, called Stone, a superlative trail horse.  Artie has moved on to a new life in Colorado with a delightful duo – a mother and daughter who both ride him.  And Bart has joined Oisin on my team of show horses.  Bart is a 2006 Irish Draught Sporthorse by Mountain Pearl, the same sire as Oisin!  In Bart’s case, his mother is a Thoroughbred, whereas Oisin’s dam is a Paint.  Bart is not as colorful as Oisin, but can probably jump a bigger track.   He can never, however, be Pinto Jumper Champion of the World, which Oisin has managed three times as Bachantes Painted Pearl, the name with which he was christened.  Bart will try to match his brother in other arenas.  So, those are the three equine residents of Bronze Fox Farm, whose adventures will be related as time goes by.

But though I tend to write about horses and horse related activities, there are other residents of Bronze Fox Farm, primarily Harry Himself, the head of household, resident sculptor and love of my life, followed closely by The Dogs – Nettle, smartest dog ever, Mistletoe, possibly the stupidest dog of all time, Cedar, loyal hound and doggiest of the pack, and Weedy, most recent member and Harry’s favorite, a “boxer mix” (aka pit bull type) who wandered in at Christmastime 2016.  These characters will figure into blogs as I go, if I follow, sort of, in Jon Katz’s footsteps.

Jon Katz writes Bedlam Farm Journal,  q.v. – and I admit to being fascinated by the details of his life.  I don’t expect to be quite as prolific, but my blog will sort of follow his lead.

Additionally there are The Cats – at the head of the pride is the Maltese Cat, Roscoe.  He lives in the house and comes and goes at will.  His sister, Rosie, is a black cat shaped like a bowling ball.  She is a barn cat, as are Twizzler and Skittle and Licorice, known collectively as The Crouchers, in honor of Tom and Judy Crouch, from whom they came.  But also in the barn are Cora, a calico, whose youthful indiscretions resulted in an unplanned pregnancy and a trip to live here, and Oscar, Jane’s cat, who moved here about two years ago of his own accord.

Jane, of course, is our closest friend of 35 years, and my partner at horse shows.  She lives next door, though she hails from England, and people confuse us all the time.  We both answer to either name.  When people ask if we are sisters, I am flattered, Jane is appalled.

Nearly all trips and adventures were derailed by circumstance in 2017.  Let’s not go into that any further.  2018 will be better, and it is already underway.